New Zealand


New Zealand is a country filled with magnificent natural scenery. The Snow capped mountain ranges of the South Island provide a picture-perfect postcard scene, where glassy, deep blue lakes reflect the surrounding beauty in all its glory.

Wind your way through the forest covered ranges of the North Island as deep river valleys and waterfalls pass below. It doesn’t’ take long to realise, that this is a country made for nature lovers and adventure seekers, and one never needs to look far to find the perfect ski run, hiking trail, kayak excursion or surfing spot.        

A jagged, rocky landscape produced over millions of years by powerful volcanic forces, New Zealand is today a unique mix of serene beaches and commanding cliff tops. While volcanic eruptions today are rare and limited to a narrow band of the North Island, the steaming springs and bursting geysers are an awe-inspiring display of the great geothermal energy still bubbling below the surface.  

New Zealand’s laid back lifestyle and devotion to its natural resources is reflected in its culinary traditions. These cultural attributes and geographic wonders make New Zealand the perfect destination for a food and wine tour. Sampling the fresh produce and creamy cheeses with a New Zealand wine can only enhance your sightseeing tour.

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