Dear Valued Clients

Winter has well and truly taken over Australia in particular the southern states. As we embrace the chilly season is there anything more intoxicating than a roaring fireplace on a cold winter's night. Well you could add a cup of hot chocolate and an in-house sauna, or a private chef popping in to cook you dinner. That could be your gorgeous winter stay! 

The open and shut Australia "border wars" continue to wreak havoc and restrict how far you can travel but there's always the opportunity to book your winter getaway closer to home, within your own state. 

Hopefully by Spring and Summer this year, the vaccine roll out will provide more stability in our daily lives.

The last minute holiday cancellations create an opportunity to snap up a great bargain on accommodation and tours. So contact us for the latest specials, we are the first to know!

We will monitor your arrangements and navigate through government and airline policies to create a hassle-free holiday.

So “Holiday Here this Year” and see Australia!

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To keep up to-date with all State and Territory Covid-19 travel policy, please visit the respective government websites.

For the most up to date Coronavirus travel advice, please refer to the websites below:

Smartraveller:  A Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) provides travel advisories issued by the Australian government.

Thanks for your ongoing support and keep safe and well. 

Carmen Patterson, Travel Manager