Africa & Indian Ocean

Geographically vast, visually stunning and culturally fascinating, Africa and the Indian Ocean is a destination that can both enchant and overwhelm travellers who long to experience one of life’s ultimate adventures. An overland safari to see the big 5, a trek to see the incredible Victoria Falls, a glimpse at the incredible Serengeti migration, a cage-swim with sharks off the coast of South Africa – the list goes on.

While adventure is very much a part of the African and Indian Ocean experience, it isn’t without its indulgent holiday moments as well. The best example being the Maldives and Mauritius, both tropical island legends where luxury spares no expense and colourful tropical reefs lie at your doorstep.

Beach holidays can also be experienced on the mainland as well, most notably in Cape Town where the most popular swimming spots included Clifton Beaches and Camps Bay. For a beach-swim with a twist, don’t miss the popular Boulders Beach which is home to a large colony of African penguins.

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